Endless 420 continues with a set of DEALS fit for 4/20/20!


It’s here, you guys. The month all of the cannasseurs, stoners, and cannabis healers have been looking forward to: April 2020, or 4/20. The month of endless 4/20 celebration!

It’s finally here. And although stay-at-home orders may have changed what we had originally imagined 4/20 would look like, House of Cannabis is going to have some killer holiday deals to ensure that you are able to stay high and happy throughout the extended 4/20 weekend. 

So many stellar deals – where to begin?! 

Monday, 4/20/2020, + DOUBLE POINTS ALL DAY!


  • 25% OFF Bondi Farms Flower
  • 25% OFF Pilot Farms Flower
  • 25% OFF Clandestine Gardens Flower
  • Especial –> Select 1/8ths ONLY $15!!!


  • 33% OFF Quattro Loco BHO by Stone Age $12 😮 NOW $8/g
  • 9 LB Hammer by Stone Age $12 NOW $10/g
  • 25% OFF ALTUS!
  • 25% OFF Fruit Loops Wax by Perecan Farms. Normally $16, JUST $12 on 4/20/2020!

Vape Carts

  • 25% OFF BUDDIES Vape Carts
  • 25% OFF SPOIL’D Vape Carts
  • 25% OFF CLEARLY Vape Carts



Misc. Items

  • 33% OFF Perma preroll 5 packs… $15 NOW $10
  • Phat Panda BAZOOKAS for JUST $10!!!
  • Select Especial 1/8ths for ONLY $15
  • StoneAge INFUSED PREROLLS for $4.20?!?! 😮 House of Cannabis MUST BE CRAAAAAZY!!

If you have any questions about our 4/20 deals, please give us a call! (509) 486-0919.

Interested in the origins of the 4/20 holiday? 

A good idea in the COVID

There’s been many an urban myth about how the wondrous 4/20 holiday came to be. The holiday was actually created by a group of highschool-aged Californians in the 1970s, who called themselves the “Waldos”. The group was tipped off to a wild patch of cannabis that was growing nearby in Point Reyes, California. The Waldos decided to embark on what they called the “Waldo Safari” to try and find the wild cannabis. 

And so, every day after high school and sports practice, the Waldos met up at 4:20 PM, smoked some pot, and then piled into their 1966 Chevrolet Impala to search for the cannabis supply. 

Funny enough, the troupe never found the infamous cannabis patch. But in their search, they discovered something more important: a new 4/20 tradition that celebrates what cannabis is all about – kicking back and relaxing with close friends. 

Word about the 4/20 tradition spread like wildfire, and cannabis users around the world started to adopt the “420” moniker to signify cannabis consumption. The rest is history! 

For more on the original 4/20 story and the story of the Waldos, check out their website here.

We are thankful to the Waldos and their story for giving us our favorite holiday, 4/20. Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones in your home or virtually with your friends this year, we at House of Cannabis hope that you have a wonderful time celebrating this high holiday!